The Firm

Ferrario Provenzali Nicodemi & Partners is an Italian niche law firm with particular focus on employment law, founded in Milan in june 2012 as a consequence of the union between Roberto Ferrario and Paolo Provenzali, as an alternative to the major law firms, maintaining the same high standards but with greater care and attention to the Clients’ needs, thanks to the previous experience of the professionals of the Firm.

In particular, our mission is to always guarantee a prompt, efficient and first class service to our Clients.

The primary aim of the lawyers of the Firm – which, in addition to the founding partners, is comprised of an ever growing number of collaborators – is Client satisfaction through excellent assistance, quality and attention, which are essential conditions for the Firm’s success, as the current legal market is highly competitive.

A feature of the Firm is to always be at the Client’s disposal – both legal entities and individuals – with the aim of being directly involved in their professional lives in order to understand their problems and find the best solutions in any situation.

As our Clients are mainly multinational companies and important Italian companies, as well as executives, directors, consultants and agents, it is of prime importance to offer a service based on the direct contact with them and an in-depth knowledge of their needs.

The partners of the Firm have worked for several years with leading national and international law firms both in Milan and in London, always focusing on employment law. For the above reasons the Firm can understand the Clients’ needs and help them to address any possible issues.

The main feature of the Firm is indeed specialisation, which is currently a need for both the Client looking for a legal service and the lawyer, trained to specialise in a determined area of the law, in order to be able to offer a serious and focused service in a huge and complex legal system like the Italian one.

The Firm uses the best technologies and computer systems in order to always guarantee a prompt and efficient service.